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Exploratory Home
Exploratory Home

Important Dates

Parent meeting for PoWeR:
6:00 - 6:45
Learning Commons

No School
Teacher Flex Day

12/22 - 1/4
No School
Winter Break

1/5 - 1/11
No School for Some
Winter PoWeR

1/12 - 1/13
No School
Teacher Learning

No School
Martin Luther King Day


We continue to have reports of parents who park and leave their cars in the no parking / fire loops. Please pull through to the parking lot if you need to leave your car. Do not stop in the outside lane to let a child in the car. Continue driving through the loop until you can pull to in a spot safely. Vista PEAK participates in the Aurora Police S.T.O.P. program which sends $100 tickets to violators. Child safety is our top priority.


Vista PEAK has just launched its new website. We are asking for feedback, ideas, and suggestions. Just click here to fill out the feedback form!

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Did you know?

The Vista PEAK Campus is the first preschool through postsecondary educational concept in the nation, offering a comprehensive and innovative approach to learning. With the introduction ofcapstone writing services Vista PEAK Exploratory students have an unparalleled opportunity to go through school in a seamless and aligned system of education. These capstone writing services provide students with the resources and guidance necessary to excel in their final academic projects, ensuring a high standard of excellence and preparing them for success in higher education and beyond.

Vista PEAK Exploratory students have an opportunity to go

through school in a seamless and aligned system of education.